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“making fitness fun”

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Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the FlameOlympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the Flame


Cia's favorite, fun way to get in shape is to Dance.

She has been taking dance classes since she was 8 and teaching dance (Jazz, Ballet, Improvisational, Modern, Creative Movement) since she was 17. 

Her background includes a Jazz Dance Diploma and a Stage Dance Certificate from the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association (CDTA).

"It is my greatest passion!  You can find the fun and passion in Dance, as well."

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Those who dance, are thought mad, by those who hear not the music!   Anonymous.

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Cia - Olympic Torchbearer

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Fitness Pro at work: Do NOT attempt this many repetitions at home!

Cia Tweel's Olympic Torch

"It's only a 'work'out if you think of it as work. It's a 'fun'out."  (M.J.)

"A fantastic job!! Especially with recognizing the skill levels of all the students present & catering the lesson plan accordingly. Always a treat :-) Fun times!"  (Fred)

"Thanks for making fitness fun and choreographing movements that pumped the spirit of dance through every part of my body... making me feel alive and even believe that I could fly!!" 
(Susan, AKA the "Dancer in Denial")

"Cia’s years of experience and accommodating personality allow any dancer, regardless of level, to feel comfortable, excited and inspired! Well-rounded classes incorporate aerobic exercise, stretches and a variety of jazz/ballet movements to make for a diverse and delightful class. Thanks Cia!  (Suzanne B.)

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