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Cia Tweel's Olympic Torch


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Cia Tweel was chosen as an Olympic Torchbearer and held history in her hands, when she carried the Olympic Flame in the Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay.  She carried the Olympic Torch, November 18, 2009 on Quinpool Rd., Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the FlameOlympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the Flame

Cia - Olympic Torchbearer

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Fitness Pro at work: Do NOT attempt this many repetitions at home!

“I would like to thank my dear friends, fitness students and neighbors, for coming out and making my experience as an Olympic Torchbearer so memorable! Thank you for helping me become part of history, carrying the Olympic Flame in the Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay. Your support touched my heart.”

Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel receives the Flame
Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel carries the Flame

Here are a few images capturing the Olympic Flame moment. We will be updating this page with many more images and video clips of the day, as well as from the Parade of Lights!

If any of Cia’s friends have a picture or video clip they would like to share, Cia would LOVE to see it!

Here is some of the media coverage of Cia’s Torchbearing experience for your reading and listening pleasure.


If you want to view where the Torch is now via webcam!

”It was a fun event. I entered a contest that over 1 million Canadians applied to - "RBC carry the torch". The common theme for people that were chosen was that we do quite a bit of volunteer work and create positive change in our communities! Quite an honour to have been chosen!”

Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the Flame03
Cia Tweel and Olympic Outfit Cia Tweel Torchbearer
Cia's Torch Relay on Quinpool Rd
Cia Tweel and Olympic Mittens

2009 Holiday Parade of Lights.

Just three days after the Olympic Torch Relay came to Halifax on November 18th, RBC celebrated our local torchbearers with an Olympic Torch Relay-themed entry in the 14th Annual 2009 Holiday Parade of Lights.

On Saturday, November 21st, 2009 over 100,000 spectators gathered along the streets to enjoy the lights, music and live entertainment of the Parade, as it wound its way through Downtown Halifax.

Thank You for coming to the Parade and waving to Cia and her fellow Olympic Torchbearers, along with 2 RBC Olympians and the RBC Cheer Squad! Santa Claus was joined by over 50 festive floats, holiday carolers, majorettes and marching bands.

As a 2010 Olympic Torchbearer, our commitment will help build a lasting legacy for Halifax and create a better future for Canada .

To be inspired by the commitments of some of the torchbearers selected by RBC, visit rbc.com/carrythetorch.

If any of Cia’s friends have a picture or video clip they would like to share, Cia would LOVE to see it!

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