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“making fitness fun”


Where will we train?   Everywhere!

“Cia has been a positive motivator in my life since we met 3 months ago. Always cheerful during instruction - never makes negative comments - corrections to form are always presented positively. These are just a few of the comments that come to mind. Due to Cia's instruction, I have managed to lessen the chronic pain I suffer from a degenerative disc. The stretching and strengthening program she designed for me has been fabulous."     (Dianne B.  -retired)

Personal Training does not have to be limited to the gym alone.  That is why Cia’s Body Works will create a custom designed program, just for you, where you want to work out, when you want to do it and how you need the training to be done.
Cia puts the personal in personal training.

Do you like nature and the great outdoors?  Let’s work out in the park, on the waterfront, in your backyard, on your deck, or anywhere convenient. Learn to use what ever is around you, to provide an effective and safe fitness workout!

How would you like a 1-on-1 dance class?  How about a session in the pool and hot tub?

Many clients choose to start training in one gym and quickly choose to shake-it-up and add a variety of locations, that vary throughout the course of their training.

Are you busy, short on time, and/or travel frequently? We can show you how to get in a full body workout, in minimal time, with minimal equipment, where ever you are... in your office, on the road, or at a hotel.

Some clients are a little intimidated by fitness clubs and prefer to start training in the comfort of their own home. We ‘make house calls’ and can get you started with a few simple tools and a bit of motivation, in the comfort of your home!

Use your imagination or rely on ours... the possibilities are wonderful!
We will definitely make fitness fun, for YOU!

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“Working out with Cia has been a lot of fun.  She takes the intimidation out of going to the gym. Cia also believes that getting fit doesn’t have to only happen in the gym & has shown me ways to exercise at home and outside. Cia’s patient, helpful, honest & realistic.  She has inspired me to make getting fit a priority & working out a habit... and all the while with a smile on her face!”   (Michelle M.   -lab technician)

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Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the FlameOlympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the Flame
Cia Tweel outdoor workouts

Cia - Olympic Torchbearer

Break out your fitness toys, so you can break out your new wardrobe. Find those skip ropes, stability balls, tubes, dumbbells, aerobic steps and all those other toys that you thought would help you get fit, then make the choice to actually do something with them, this time.
If you need help call Cia: 429-BODY(2639).

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Check out Cia’s “Spring Toys” video fitCast!

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Fitness Pro at work: Do NOT attempt this many repetitions at home!

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