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Do you need a Fitness Presenter?
Would your organization like to provide a fitness presentation or workshop? 
Would you like to attend an upcoming workshop?
Let us know and we will contact you with details.

We provide fitness, dance, flexibility and a fusion of styles in Training Workshops and Presentations for fitness instructors, non-pro fitness buffs, as well as enthusiastic beginners!

Examples of some of the workshops we have organized and can offer you as well:

  • Strength Training With Resistance Tubes workshop for Recreation Therapy Dept. at CDHA.
  • Yoga / Relaxation workshop for Masters of Occupational Therapy students at Dalhousie University.
  • Yoga workshop for N.S. Department of Health employees.
  • Stability ball training for healthy workplace initiative at CDHA
  • Morning stretch break for highly stressed Lab-Technicians.
  • A variety of fitness training workshops for Fitness Professionals of all ages.
  • Numerous strength training presentations and relaxation workshops to youth groups, adults and seniors.
  • A number of birthday party dance workshops, for young ladies.
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Cia Tweel yoga relaxtion workshop for Dal MScOT students
Cia Tweel on the ball

Cia leads the MScOT students at DAL, in a yoga based, stress reduction session.

Cia teaches some lovely ladies at the CDHA a few exercises they can do in their office, with their new balls.

Cia Tweel yoga relaxtion workshop for Dal MScOT students 2
Cia Tweel on the ball 2
Workshop Cia from the heart
Workshop Cia legraise

Cia speaks from the heart, then teaches from the heart, in a workshop for a group of fitness instructors.

Workshop Cia lateral raise02

"We were looking for a fun and easy way to incorporate strength training into everyone's routine for a variety of fitness levels. Cia made everyone feel comfortable through out the workshop, and showed just how easy it can be to start a strength training regime, with something as simple as an elastic tube band. It was a great start to our healthy workplace initiative!"     (Angela McDougall, Recreation Therapy Associate)

"Cia is a dynamic presenter who held a workshop at the South Park YMCA entitled 'Working with an Older Population.' It was an energetic workshop that showcased Cia's creative flare and style. Her background as a dancer came shining through in the moves that she shared with the instructor team.  She is innovative, creative and has the ability to inspire people to be the fittest they can be!"    (Laura T.M., Team Leader, Adult Fitness)

"Cia's class was very fun. All my friends liked it. I thought it was great. I especially liked dancing with the ribbons. Cia is very nice and we all felt very comfortable. I'd  really like to do it again."   (Erica, 12 years old, Birthday Party Dance Workshop)

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