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“making fitness fun”

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Cia and her Associates teach a number of fitness classes, in different locations, with many fitness styles and geared towards various age groups; from Students to Seniors and the Boomers in between.

If you are looking for something special, or need more info:
email  fitness [at] ciasbodyworks.com or call  429-BODY(2639).

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Fitness Pro at work: Do NOT attempt this many repetitions at home!

Cia Tweel teaching fitness at Daltech Sexton Campus


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:, 1:05-1:50pm

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Thursday:

Dalhousie’s Sexton campus gym,
1360 Barrington Street, Halifax.

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elderworkout med

Cia teaching Elderobics students a few moves.

 Elderobics/ForeverFit term currently in progress.

"Anybody who brings to class and plays Jefferson Airplane's "Don't you want somebody to love?" is a pal of mine. Cia is great and brings an exuberant and youthful energy to our Elderobics workouts. It took some time to get used to her enthusiasms, but then over time I realized how much the mind-body-spirit engages with her shouts of enjoy! feel good! looking good! etc., etc., etc.  Cia brings a different kind of motivation, or she encourages a purposeful motivation in us, her 'class-mates'.  I am slowly starting to understand the whole mind, body, spirit thing that is a benchmark saying at the Y. Cia in direct and also indirect ways embodies the whole mind, body, spirit energy in a very special way. Thank you, Cia."   (Bill Krampe)

“Great workout!
Lots of enthusiasm! Thanks.”   (T.P.)

“A great class! I have attended for four years!”   (Peter G.)

“Fun, enjoy, close to the apt., very good exercise”   (Josie L.)

“Cia’s lunchtime fitness class has significantly increased my afternoon energy level and helped boost my mental concentration at the office.”   (Tony L.)

“This is great! Keep it up! (It's the only time I have willingly done fitness, and kept it up!)”  
(Peter G.)

“I have been working with Cia since January, attending the Fitness (Lunchtime) Classes @ Daltech. I feel so much better, emotionally, physically, & mentally since I’ve started & was looking to improve upon even further.
Since hiring Cia as my Personal Trainer I have lost countless inches & am feeling the best I have ever felt!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!”    (Pam K.)

"I arrive feeling every one of my 87 years and leave feeling like a Spring Chicken!   Have a really great summer."   (B,B.)

"Cia is a very knowledgeable, capable and personable instructor. Her passion for physical fitness is both evident and contagious!  I look forward to her classes and always feel energized when they are over. We are very lucky to have her."  (Janice Worthen)

"Cia always gives clear directions & has a great sense of rhythm, that makes you feel loose & energized after the class. (I hate missing her classes!)"   (Isabel Wainwright)

"I love Cia's class. She explains the steps excellently. She has a lovely personality. I always look forward to Friday morning." (Ms. Shirley E. MacDonald)

"Cia makes working out intense, yet fun. The dance aspect is fundamental to the pleasure & the spirit of moving.  She is Tops!! Her running naratives are informational & inspirational. I am stronger now."  (Suzanne Funnell)

“Is it still work if it's fun?”  (B.G.)

“I very much enjoy Cia's class and feel very much better after. I think Cia is great.”   (Mary W.)

“Always enjoy your classes. You know how to make exercise fun. Your bright smile and cheerfulness makes my day.” (Diane F.  Ballroom Dancer)


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