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Cia Tweel's Olympic Torch


“making fitness fun”


YOGA with Cia!     Yoga classes in Halifax, N.S.

YwC! 2017 and 2016

Yoga can enhance your life, no matter what your age or fitness level!  Many people are discovering the wonderful benefits of this ancient form of fitness.  Come out and discover it for yourself.
Yoga may be just what you need!

Cia Tweel leading Yoga on Dalhousie U quad
yoga pose

“Some days - particularly when it's hot and humid outside - I can barely put one foot after the other. An hour of yoga-based exercise with Cia changes all that. I feel thoroughly refreshed and re-energized in body, mind and spirit.”    (Pamela Gray)

Cia Tweel CTV Maritimer of the Week02

"I look forward to Cia's Yoga class every week! It is relaxing and strengthening! Love it! Wish she would offer Yoga classes twice a week."     (Lori B.  Dalhousie Univ.)

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 CTV Maritimer
of the Week

“Cia - I would like to thank you for this class - it is my first yoga experience and will definitely be practicing this art of exercise / relaxing from now on. Again, thank you.”    (Kim)

Cia Tweel leading Yoga on Dalhousie quad

~ 4 Classes ~

YOGA with Cia!
... at St. Andrew’s *

Yoga class good for all ages and levels, from beginners to experienced Yogis! Join us for a fun & relaxing time and location: Mondays & Thursdays at 5-6pm. and Tuesdays at 12:15-1pmConveniently located in the St. Andrew’s Church gym, 6036 Coburg Road, Halifax.
     ...map to St A’s Yoga with Cia!

"Yoga- not too difficult
-length of time great
-instructions-well delivered
-helped my aches and pains
-pleasant delivery"    (anonymous)

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Olympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the FlameOlympic Torchbearer Cia Tweel running the Flame

“Your class creates a space to extract from the outside world & look inward through the seemingly simple task of breathing. Who could have imagined that O2 plus movement (stretch) could free up the mind.    Thanks.”    (T.L.P.)

Cia Tweel leading Yoga on campus at Dalhousie U.

Cia - Olympic Torchbearer

YOGA with Cia!
... at King’s *

King’s alumni, faculty, staff and students, as well as community members, have an  on campus opportunity to enjoy YOGA with Cia! (on break)
Located in the University of KING’S College fitness studio, at the corner of Lord Dalhousie Dr. and Castine Way (off 6350 Coburg Rd.) Halifax.
...map to King’s Yoga with Cia!

“A wonderful way to de stress in a fast paced world. I wouldn’t miss a moment of your class. I feel re energized and free of a cluttered mind.    Thanks.”    (Marcia M.)

Cia Tweel Yoga dancer pose at the Ovens
fitCia warhol 118fitCia warhol 118

“I often think of yoga - slow moves, concentrating on breathing - as kind of a wimpy exercise, but I found these classes marvelously relaxing.”   (Ms A. Regan)

 About Cia

Cia Flashr 40Cia Flashr 40

"I really enjoyed Cia's classes. Nice relaxing laid back atmosphere. Appreciated encouragement to go at own pace. Excellent instructor."
(Brenda N.)

* Personalized Term -
a Cia’s Body Works original:
Your term starts when you want!
Choose a 50, 25, or 12 class term. Register anytime through the year.
Excellent term rates: $5-7 per class.
Pass cards available: $8 per class.
Drop-in / trial rate: $9 per class.

Cia Tweel enjoying nature and Yoga, at the Ovens natural park in Nova Scotia.

“Great way to end the workday and just before supper - perfect time for some wonderful guided relaxation.    Thanks Cia!”     (Claudia K.)

Cia Tweel teaches Halifax Club Yoga 2

YOGA with Cia!
... at Daltech

Yoga based relaxation / fitness class Thursdays at 1:05pm. Join us for an invigorating yet relaxing term of yogaflex. Upstairs in Dalhousie’s Sexton campus gym, 1360 Barrington St., Halifax. Register  through Dalplex.
Excellent participant rates.
Dalhousie University students FREE!

Fitness Pro at work: Do NOT attempt this many repetitions at home!

“I really feel like continuing this yoga class. Anytime I took yoga in the past I always felt discouraged & could not keep up. This class was very gentle & slow & one could work harder if desired. I always felt a sense of accomplishment even though I am very stiff still.”     (Ms C. Osborne)


YOGA with Cia!
... at Your Place

Personal Yoga Training for you, or your small group, in the comfort of your home, or private location, with the convenience of your preferred day and start time!

Contact us for more details.

Cia Tweel teaches Halifax Club Yoga

Take a break from your busy day and find some balance! Feel stronger, more focused and centered, at the same time feeling relaxed and more limber!

Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit.  Union occurring between mind, body and spirit. Yoga is about the breath, clearing the mind, cleansing and rejuvenating the sprit. One main reason to practice yoga, is to still your mind and bring you peace and health!

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Cia Tweel teaches Yoga, the first organized  fitness class held at The Halifax Club, in their 146 year history!

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